Beautifull Skåne( You Tube)


On a lovely autumn day you may want to enjoy the many varieties of mushrooms
you can pick in the surrounding forests. Winter invites cross-country skiing and kick sledding (when there is snow). The singing of the birds and budding of the beech
trees is spectacular in springtime! If you come for business…stay an extra day for
sheer pleasure! You may use a portion of our yard where there is garden furniture
and a fire pit. You can go for a walk, bike ride, fish, paddle, play tennis etc. in the
vicinity. Upon agreement we’ll rent our canoe.

This beautiful countryside and the nearby communities offer endless opportunities. Whether you are here on business or vacation, you won’t be disappointed!


Within 10 minutes you can be/see:



0 km


3,5 km


1 km


5/7 km


0 km


7 km

Swimming (pool, lake)

6 km / 3,5 km

Ingelbo Moosepark

3,5 km

Church from the 1100s

1 km

Museums: ex. Farmstead from the 1500s

3 km

Shopping: Groceries, Clothing, Local handicrafts etc.

0 - 7 km


Perstorps Golfklubb  

Within 20 minutes you can be/see:


Canoeing / Rental

Horseback riding

Bird Sanctuary

Medieval Castle


Within 50 minutes you can be/see:


Royal castle and gardens, Sofiero

Skånes Wild Animal Park

IKEA's birthplace

Vallåsen Ski area

Ocean beaches

Carl von Linnés birthplace

Cities: Lund, Kristianstad, Helsingborg


Others Activites
Naturpark Hovs Hallar
  Stenhuvud nationalpark
  Söderåsens nationalpark
  Söderskog nationalpark
  Kullaberg  klettern
  Kullaberg nationalpark
Slott Bosjökloster
Divers Denningarums gård
  Paddel tur
Simning Ugglebadet   Perstorp
     Tyrshov Tyringe
GOLF Perstorps GK    4,5 km
  Hässleholms/Skyrup GK  17km
  Hässlegårdens GK / Häslleholm   20km
  Vittsjö GK   30km
  Tykarps grotten

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